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Default Re: Team 116 #1 - Checklist for Sandown

A few more things ticked off yesterday... Sorry for no pics, forgot the camera and was at the workshop all day. Also sorry to BB & Lukas, thought i'd be quicker and get to doing the other fun stuff (ripping sh!t out) but got stuck up on hacking out guards to stop the rubbing / catching from the new springs.

Quick speil, the new springs were fitted by MB Spares on friday and finished up at 5pm. All the turning had to be done with the right foot cause they were such a tight fit.

The guards have now been cut out and flared a bit and there is no more rubbing.

Word's can't explain it, you point it and it goes there. I need to get the bucket seat in cause I nearly threw myself out the passenger window yesterday.

Pics are coming, please be patient.


  • New rotors (drilled / vented) plus hopefully some sort of ducting down to the discs for cold air
  • New shocks - Re-built Bilsteins
  • New Springs - Lowered - K-MAC customs, Firm as f*k
  • New diff (as talked about 3.46:1 LSD from 350SLC)
  • New Competition pads' (same as Ian's hunted down)
  • Fix o-ring on master cylinder & swapout master cylinder @ same time (not too bad, but has to be done)
  • More tyres (picking them up on 19th of april, or the 29th or the 12th at either 1200, 1900 or 2900 hrs.. don't ask!)
  • Pleather of death installed.
  • exhaust chopped at 1st muffler - stuck out the side.
  • Sway Bar Rubbers
  • L&R Upper Control Arms
  • L&R Tie Rod Ends
  • L&R Lower Control arm
  • Lower Ball Joints (Front)
  • Steering Damper
  • Wheel alignment
  • New Spark Plugs (Beru 4 prong mofo's)
  • Oil filter / change
  • Fuel filter
  • Transmission service
  • Remove ALL External A/C equipment (compressor, condensor, piping)
  • Remove all interior
  • Install bucket seat
  • Remove Sunroof
  • Re-paint & apply de-cals
  • Customise Air Intake
  • Hack up & flare guards to allow for stupidly low, rock hard springs
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