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Default Re: Team 116 #1 on Dyno


So here it is.

Oscar, not sure bout the factory figure, but i'd imagine that it's flywheel?!
As for the caricature, i can only ask? Something like a 116 Optimus prime?
Or maybe some tough lad with benz logos for eyes?

Cam, as follows mate:
  • Dyno runs were done in Drive with foot to the floor.
  • KM's is a weird one.. The speedo that was in the car when i bought it had 150,000 on the clock. Though when I pulled it out, realised it was a 350 speedo, which is why it wasn't accurate and also why the reading was so low.. definately swapped. So don't know the true reading.
  • Mine's a 1978 vintage
  • No pollution / emmissions gear (euro model)

The Air / Fuel ratio is on there. The printout confuses me a bit.
I remember seeing 175HP on the monitor, and the graph relates to this as well.. Though he hasn't put the figure on there. And also the line jumps around a bit. The little drop - then spike - what's doin there? I remember on the last run it sounded like at a point the rear wheels slipped breifly.. would this be what that indicates?

Either way, i'll be getting another run done next week after changing a few things and see how she goes.

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